TryHackMe Who?

What is TryHackMe all about? Read about our virtual machines platform to learn Cyber Security in a real-world environment.

Ashu and Ben - TryHackMe co-founders with a TryHackMe sign

TryHackMe takes the pain out of learning and teaching Cybersecurity. Our platform makes it a comfortable experience to learn by designing prebuilt courses which include virtual machines (VM) hosted in the cloud ready to be deployed. This avoids the hassle of downloading and configuring VM’s. Our platform is perfect for CTFs, Workshops, Assessments or Training.

We also love to do anything Cyber Security related. From independent research to making our own courses on the main site.

Update 2:

Some of you may have had trouble if you are on a Windows operating system. We have now fixed the OpenVPN and loading bugs. Everything should work for Windows and Linux systems. Sorry for the trouble.

On the otherhand, we released a new room that contains using popular tools such as nmap, sqlmap, dirbuster and port knocking. As always, there is no downloading. Deploy it directly from the cloud. Can you root this machine? LordOfTheRoot


Our initial launch got 62 sign ups, which is awesome! However, we keep getting the question “what are rooms” and “how do I connect to network”. Thats the reason we have so many sign ups and so little activity within our “rooms”. We created a Getting Started page that explains what we do and how the site works.

We also have create an official TryHackMe room that shows you how to connect to our network.

Very soon we will be releasing videos showing you how to use the site. Although, if you have used OpenVPN before it shouldn’t be much trouble. Just give the Getting Started guide a read.