TryHackMe Experiences 144% User Growth in 2021

TryHackMe hit some major milestones throughout 2021 across the content offering, team, and user base - including experiencing a 144% user growth.

TryHackMe Experiences 144% User Growth in 2021
We’ve experienced rapid growth across all areas of TryHackMe, which wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing team and community, counting more than 834k hackers around the world. Our mission is to make cyber security more accessible, and we’re really excited to go into 2022 scaling our content and product. Not only to provide a better learning experience to users, but to give them more variety with the technical content they can learn. Ben Spring, co-founder
  • In 2021, Cyber Security training platform TryHackMe reached 834,000 platform users, offering 501 unique training labs and growing in user markets.
  • TryHackMe supported the Diana initiative, TechVets, Women in Tech, and the CyberSafe foundation in Africa to help underrepresented groups bridge into cyber.
  • 2022 plans include a drive to develop extensive training content actively reacting to threats and advances in the field, expand across markets, and grow the internal team.

2021 milestones

TryHackMe experienced a 144% increase in signed up users - totalling 834,000 platform users at the end of the year. These cyber security learners were predominantly based in the USA, UK, and India respectively, with significant reach across Europe, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia. The internal team grew by 25 employees, which enabled over 200 rooms to be created, focusing on offensive and defensive pathways and relating to active jobs in the industry.

Online communities have seen significant growth, reaching over 230,000 social media followers across Twitter, Discord, and LinkedIn - all of which saw at least a 123% increase in followers. Online community members regularly give feedback on the platform and share experiences. In 2021 TryHackMe training enabled students to achieve sought-after jobs straight out of university and helped a multitude of professionals change careers and tap into the market.


TryHackMe was built with equal opportunities and support across the entire cyber landscape in mind - allowing anyone in the world a chance to learn cyber security through a browser alone. In 2021, the Diana initiative, Techvets, Women in Tech, and the CyberSafe foundation in Africa were supported with free access to TryHackMe and financial donations.

All of these initiatives aim to support minority groups bridging into cyber. For example, the Diana Initiative is a diversity driven conference helping underrepresented genders, sexualities, races and cultures in information security. The initiative features speakers, workshops, and a women-led capture the flag event.

Techvets is a non-profit enabling veterans and service leavers into cyber and technology careers. They aim to alleviate the issue of unemployment and underemployment in the veteran community by combining military experience with new digital skills - gaining sustainable careers in technology.

The industry

Cyber attacks increased by 18% in 2021, with large businesses facing the highest proportion of attacks, citing malware as the most elevated recurring threat. Medium companies experienced 30% of attacks, and small businesses accounted for 17%. The cyber security job market has seen an ever-growing demand for skilled professionals. A severe lack of candidates available attributed to lucrative career opportunities and a zero percent unemployment rate for experienced workers.

The future

Key areas of development entering 2022 include content range, quality, and company growth. TryHackMe is pushing forward with reactive content in immediate response to threats and is expanding the internal team to ensure a plethora of resources and a continued standard of quality - with a mission to create accessible, fun, relevant content for all.