Improvements to the TryHackMe Platform

Noticed some recent changes to the platform? Here's why!

Improvements to the TryHackMe Platform

Over the following months, we will roll out changes across TryHackMe to rebuild the website’s front end.

This update will enable us to upgrade the user interface of TryHackMe to better reflect our branding and scale with us as we grow, while allowing us to extensively test features and changes before release to minimise and prevent bugs and issues in the future.

With accessibility in mind, these changes will mean that text will become easier to read, an improved colour palette will better cater to accessibility standards, and responsiveness and accessibility will improve on mobile.

In addition, new features are being rolled out to improve the usability of TryHackMe, including 2FA (two-factor authentication), self-serve, the ability to change usernames easily, and the introduction of dark mode.

The platform's functionality will not change, although some pages may appear slightly different.

If you do notice a bug, please contact our support team at [email protected]

As always, we would like to thank you for your patience and dedication.

~ The TryHackMe team.