From Complete Beginner to Cyber Security Consultant - How TryHackMe Helped Tepi Launch Into Cyber

This is Tepi's success story - he used TryHackMe training to learn the field as a complete beginner, and structured learning to become a Cyber Security Consultant.

From Complete Beginner to Cyber Security Consultant - How TryHackMe Helped Tepi Launch Into Cyber

Since we published our last success story, the TryHackMe userbase has grown by 200,000 cyber security enthusiasts, reaching over 900,000 members! Over this time we’ve received even more inspiring stories of how our platform has helped people achieve jobs, learn a subject they’re passionate about, and change career paths.

Today we’re sharing Tepi’s story - Tepi used TryHackMe training labs to learn cyber security basics from scratch, in a bid to upskill and open up work opportunities.

Why did you start learning cyber security?

I discovered a love for computers and technology from a young age - it was clear for me to choose a career path that highlighted this passion, but I wasn’t sure of the exact niche. I initially learnt cyber security basics for fun, through the use of various online platforms and research. I was fascinated by some of the breaches and exploits occurring across the world, so set my sights on starting a career in cyber security.

What was the most challenging part of learning cyber security, and how did you rise above those challenges?

The sheer amount of information across such a vast field was an initial challenge - it can be tricky to know where to start and how to separate learning into actionable steps, so you feel you are making progress and moving forward. I researched the different learning platforms available online and how the courses were structured to overcome this. I hopped between a few, and after some advice from the community, landed on TryHackMe - which was best suited to my existing knowledge and need for ease of structure.

How did TryHackMe help you learn?

I started with the TryHackMe Pre-Security learning path, where I learned the basics and solidified my passion. From here, I followed some recommended training paths and segmented my training into actionable stages, which was so important to my learning journey. An enormous benefit to TryHackMe was the balance of theory-based learning and learning in practice - in real-world scenarios that are transferable to real jobs.

The level of cyber security knowledge I’ve gained has allowed me to become a cyber security consultant, which I love!

What advice would you give someone just starting in cyber security?

TryHackMe is amazingly well suited to beginners - it’s easy to see when looking at the great reputation across the cyber security community on various platforms. There’s so much available to learn that I would recommend initially taking a step back, and going through the beginner rooms at your own pace, to slowly build upon and evolve your knowledge. There are lots of progression opportunities in cyber security with the right training, but it’s important to allow yourself those actionable steps so you don’t get overwhelmed. The write-ups are also a great way to read further information on anything you struggle with.

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