How To Teach Your Students Cyber Security

Choose pre-existing security courses and adjust them to suit your needs. Give your students their own virtual hacking environment.

Hackers and defenders sat along a table on laptops

Teaching cyber security for any experience level can be a difficult process. You want your students to practice hacking and put their knowledge to use, but setting up and managing a security lab can be very time consuming.

That's where TryHackMe comes in!

Within seconds you can choose and re-purpose from over 100 existing security courses, that include machines your students can hack into. We provide the student with everything they need, including a machine (Kali Linux) with every security tool that they can control in their browser.

A few features to help teach security

Within no time you can choose cyber security courses (that are for all experience levels: beginners, intermediates and advanced students) and have them hacking away, giving them a sense of accomplishment when they manage to successfully compromise a machine!

You also get access to a teaching dashboard:

  • Monitor students progress to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create competitions or assessments to further evaluate their performance.

To conclude, easily teach cyber security for all experience levels and give your students a save virtual environment they can use to practically hack machines.

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