Follow along with this writeup, and deploy your own instance of Vulnversity!

Its always fun to be solving "STEGO" challenges and today we have another challenge. Let's try to find the answers of the questions while being a curious investigator.

Upon downloading the file and opening it using the "eog" command, we can see that it is a picture of dog.

"Stego" is all about hiding one thing within another. Let's try running binwalk over the file to see if there are any embedded files.

Binwalk didn't found anything neither exiftool. Let's try "steghide" on the image!

Ooo, its asking for a password. On hitting "enter" (blank password), we are provided with another image file.

The image file is of "Panda".

I remembered that these kind of images have hidden messages that are normally right in front of our eyes. All we need to do is to use the right tool and change the colors of the image to reveal the final message!

"StegSolve" is the best tool when it comes to stenography. Loading the image in "StegSolve" we can clearly see the text as "save the planet".

With that message "SAVE THE PLANET" we are done with this challenge.

Hope you enjoyed solving this challenge!