So.. you want to be a hacker

The term “hacker” has become so losely used and is not something I associate anyone with. You don’t hear Kevin Mitnick reference himself as a hacker?

Cyber Security is broken up into many parts:

There are many many more areas, but these are the ones the majority of people tend to focus on. Our public rooms will focus on these areas and over time the more rooms you complete the more knowledge you will gain. The only way to truely become good at pentration testing in any sense, is to practise loads, read a lot and understand the concepts/process behind what you are testing/probing. The good news is, TryHackMe will try its best to develop rooms and share our knowledge as much as possible.

As well as developing cyber security courses, we will be releasing other fun rooms. A few we have in mind are

If you have any ideas for rooms we should create please let us know in the comments.

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