Releasing Series

We're releasing Series, a collection of rooms that share a common theme; covering challenges and grouped concepts and courses.

Icons showcasing overpass, pentesting, WindCorp

Today we're releasing Series, a collection of rooms that share a common theme; whether this be a set of capture the flag challenges or rooms that explain security tools/concepts that fit into a greater category.

To release this new feature we have five exciting series to show you:

  1. Overpass - A collection of challenge rooms, covering basic web vulnerabilities, cryptography, PCAP forensics and source code analysis.
  2. Pentesting Tools - A collection of guided rooms teaching users how to use industry-used tools such as Nmap, Metasploit, BurpSuite, Nessus and Hydra.
  3. WindCorp - A collection of challenge rooms, all based on vulnerabilities seen in today's industry.
  4. Breaking Windows - A collection of rooms teaching users how to attack Windows machines and Active Directory networks.
  5. Wonderland - A collection of challenge rooms themed on Alice the Wonderland; designed to test your enumeration and privilege escalation skills.
Showcasing rooms in the "Breaking Windows" series

TryHackMe teaches cyber security through virtual rooms and at the time of writing (08/09/2020) we have 227 public rooms. Users on the platform can guide their own learning by searching our hacktivities page, or learn through following a learning pathway. Putting rooms into series will better help users choose which type of rooms will most benefit them in a semi-structured, gamified way (you can think of series being like mini pathways).

As TryHackMe grows in content, series will be a great way to group rooms and ensure great content is not overlooked. Oh, and one more thing - Completing a series will awarded you a TryHackMe badge!

Check out the five released series here!