Regular Room Release Schedule

Our new room release schedule - considering challenge and walkthrough rooms, aimed at different skill levels across security topics.

Person sitting at a desk with TryHackMe on the monitor

This year, we're excited to announce our regular room cycle.

Every Friday at 8pm (GMT), we will release a challenge room.
Every Tuesday at 8pm (GMT), we will release a walkthrough room.

The rooms will be aimed at different skill levels each week and from different areas of security.

Walkthrough rooms will include teaching a security concept, running through a recent CVE, explaining how to use a security tool or walking through a previous challenge room.

As always, challenge rooms will include extra points to the user that completes it first. A breakdown of a how questions are scored are as follows:

Answered Score
1st to answer 200 points
2nd to answer 180 points
3rd to answer 175 points
4th to answer 165 points
After 4th 150 points

Every question answered gets you an additional "wiggle" score, where there is between 0 and 20 random extra points added. However, if the room type is a walkthrough room, you only get 25% of those points. Challenge room’s receive 100%.

All points you get are added to your ‘All-time’ score, however not all points are added to your ‘Monthly’ score (which is reset to 0 on the last day of the month 23:59 GMT). You only get monthly points if a room has been released during that month. This stops new users being able obtain large amounts of points as they have more rooms to solve than older users - by monthly points only being awarded if a room is released this month, everyone has a fair chance to be number 1 on the ‘Monthly’ leaderboard and everyone has an equal chance to be number 1 on the ‘All-time’ leaderboard.

The room releases will begin this Friday (Jan 17th)

If you have previously developed virtual machines as security challenges, and are interested in becoming a paid TryHackMe content developer, please get in touch at: [email protected]