Red Team Capstone Challenge Network- Everything You Need to Know!

Red teamers, this one's for you. Take part in the largest and most comprehensive challenge network created by TryHackMe!

Red Team Capstone Challenge Network- Everything You Need to Know!

Red teamers, this one's for you. It’s time to put your knowledge to the test! Introducing our Red Team Capstone Challenge Network, the milestone challenge for users that have completed our Red Team Learning Path - for a limited time only until the 5th of June!

As the largest and most comprehensive network created by TryHackMe, there’ll be 20 flags for you to collect, spread across 10 different phases, with 6912 possible path combinations! Not to mention some epic prizes mentioned below!

*To participate in the Red Team Capstone Challenge Network, you will need a minimum streak of 7 days.*

What is the Red Team Capstone Challenge Network?

TryHackMe’s Red Team Capstone Challenge Network is a real end-to-end red team engagement testing your knowledge of key red teaming and network security testing topics!

The Government of Trimento (a fictitious island country situated somewhere in the Pacific) approached TryHackMe to perform this engagement against TheReserve, their reserve bank. While TheReserve may be small in size, foreign investment has led to TheReserve building up a considerable amount of wealth over the years.

This is where we need your help! You’ll be tasked with performing a simulated backend bank transfer, touching on all phases of the Cyber Kill Chain. We’ll also need you to register as a citizen of Trimento and use the system to provide feedback to the government on your progress.

The Government of Trimento will reward you with flags as you further the compromise of TheReserve. The most unique aspect of the challenge is there is no single attack path! Multiple attack paths have been created to allow users to choose their own path, with 6912 possible path combinations. This means that even after the challenge is completed once, there’ll still be lots more for you to discover as you find alternative attack paths!

What does the Red Team Capstone Challenge Network cover?

You’ll be expected to apply the knowledge that you have learned during the various modules and rooms in the Red Team Learning Path to perform an end-to-end red team project.

We’ll test you on the following learning objectives:


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is simulated in this challenge. Users are expected to use OSINT techniques to uncover information about employees of TheReserve to target them and their accounts.

Enumeration & Fuzzing

During various phases in the challenge, users must perform enumeration to discover hosts and services in the environment. These services must then be fuzzed to discover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that can be exploited.


Phishing is a very common practice to perform during red team engagements. Should users choose this path for breaching the perimeter, users can phish employees to gain an initial foothold.

Anti-Virus Evasion

AV is used on all machines in the environment. Users are expected to modify and obfuscate their malware to evade AV detection.

Lateral Movement

Certain parts of the network in the challenge are segregated, as is often the case during real-life engagements. In these cases, users are expected to perform lateral movement and pivoting to achieve their final goal.

Active Directory Exploitation

90% of the Forbes 1000 companies make use of Active Directory. If an organisation’s estate uses Microsoft Windows, you are almost guaranteed to find AD. Throughout the challenge, users are expected to fully compromise several AD domains to obtain the required privileges for goal execution.

Linux and Windows Security Testing

The challenge has a combination of Windows and Linux hosts. To reach the end goal, users will have to discover misconfigurations on these hosts and exploit them. This will require skills such as local host enumeration.

Privilege Escalation

In several phases of the challenge, users will be required to escalate their privileges. This will include both local privilege escalation as well as AD privilege escalation through different tiers.

Post-Compromise Exploitation

The capstone challenge has an end goal, requiring users to perform a simulated fraudulent transaction. Users will have to perform post-compromise enumeration and exploitation to discover the information required to perform the end goal.

Is the Red Team Capstone Challenge Network suitable for me?

The Red Team Capstone Challenge is intended for users learning about red teaming and red teaming activities. While not a strict requirement, completing the Red Team Learning Path is recommended, as you’ll be tested on the topics covered in the learning path!

Due to the size of the challenge, it can also be used by cyber security professionals to test their knowledge of key red teaming and network security topics.

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

To celebrate our epic launch, we have some exciting and exclusive prizes up for grabs for users that capture the 20th flag the quickest and users that submit the best report write-ups. Prizes include a custom TryHackMe hoodie and free subscription vouchers, while the best report submissions will also be given a spot on TryHackMe’s blog for their report write-up! Runner-ups will be given swag vouchers to redeem in TryHackMe’s swag store.

Launch the Challenge Network!

What are you waiting for? Put your red teaming knowledge to the test in this exciting new red teaming challenge! Don’t forget to take part in our Red Team Learning Path before embarking on the Red Team Capstone Challenge.

(If you’re new to cyber security, we recommend starting with our Junior Penetration Tester and Offensive Pentesting learning paths before the Red Team Learning Path!)

*To participate in the Red Team Capstone Challenge Network, you will need a minimum streak of 7 days.*