We have released a new learning path, OSCP! Help prepare for the exam, which aligns with Offensive Security's syllabus.

Hack virtual machines that are similar to the exam. With over 38 hours of hands-on hackable machine content! All for just $10...

Check it out here:


The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification is becoming a standard in security. Achieving OSCP is no easy task and gives you instant credibility, having proven your understanding and ability to manually exploit a range of security vulnerabilities.

The Offensive Security PWK labs, will give you the foundations to pass, but any extra practice is good preparation. Completing each room in this path will give you the knowledge that can help you pass.

The OSCP learning path is great for either pre-preperation prior to purchasing the OSCP course or to help re-consolidate your knowledge whilst following the official OSCP resources. To complete the path you should have a basic to medium understanding of computing.

Image showing OSCP path card.