One Million People Use TryHackMe!

We've officially surpassed one million users on TryHackMe! Celebrate with us with brand new content, exclusive giveaways, a live Q&A with the owners, and delve deeper into our story.

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What. A. Milestone!! 1,000,000 cyber security fanatics from all over the world have signed up to TryHackMe!

One million people using us to upskill in cyber security is an unbelievable amount! Our mission has always been to make cyber security education accessible globally, and this number reflects this goal. We’re only at the start of our journey and we are so excited to continue making a world-class interactive platform. Achieving this milestone is a testament to our incredible community and talented team. Here’s to the future!
Ben Spring, TryHackMe Co-Founder

Celebrate with us!

In honour of such a brilliant community achievement, we’re launching a new batch of exclusive content, and are giving you the chance to win a year’s subscription to TryHackMe along with other prizes.

New content

The TryHackMe team has been busy creating new training labs covering key areas of cyber security. We’ve just launched the following cyber security training:


We’re giving 5 people a year-long subscription to TryHackMe, and choosing 25 people to win limited edition TryHackMe T-shirts. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to get involved!

Ask the TryHackMe creators anything in our live Q&A

Ever had a question you wanted to ask the TryHackMe creators? Now’s your chance!

We're hosting an Ask-Me-Anything event with co-founders Ben and Ashu, (@skidy and @ashu) live in the Discord Events stage channel. Make sure to submit your questions before the event starts at 6PM GMT, March 17th, to maximise the chances of your questions being asked. We will also have a text channel open during the event for discussion and on-the-fly questions.

TryHackMe over the years

TryHackMe was launched just over three years ago in December 2018. Co-founders Ben and Ashu met at a security internship in London, and swiftly discovered a significant lack of tools for teaching and learning cyber security. Everything focused on a black-box approach, where users were left to their own devices. This sparked a plan.

Although initially created as a passion project, cyber communities across the internet showed an overwhelming demand for TryHackMe. We were filling a niche that was yearned for, and the reception was incredible.

Fast forward 3 years, our training is utilised by over a million individuals looking to upskill and open career opportunities, businesses training employees to arm against cyber attacks, and schools introducing cyber to students. Our content spans all corners of cyber security and we strive to create quality, reactive labs that are easily consumable, understandable, and engaging.

We’ve been honoured to support a range of notable initiatives and events, including TechVets, Women in Tech, CyberScotland, and the CyberSafe foundation. A core value of ours is to make cyber security accessible to everyone - with fair prices and ease of use. Cyber security training should be available to all, without barriers.

The TryHackMe team has grown to over 30 people - people who develop the content you see on TryHackMe every day, manage users, and run things behind the scenes. We’re always looking for new talent to keep on top of this significant growth. Check out our job opportunities here!

What’s in store for the future?

We’ve had a heartwarming journey to one million; learning how much of an impact we’ve made to people achieving jobs, school children delving into the industry, and businesses arming defences. The whole team can't wait to continue creating awesome content and making a difference to user prospects.

As always, we will continue to develop quality, interactive training content needing only a browser for access. To every single person who uses TryHackMe - whether utilising free labs, avidly completing all of our training rooms or working your way through specific pathways, thank you!