How To Get Manager Approval for TryHackMe in Your Workspace

If you know cyber security training would be a good investment for your company, the first step is getting approval from your boss. We've compiled a guide to help you build a case to bring TryHackMe into your workspace.

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If you know cyber security training would be a good investment for your company, the first step is getting approval from your boss.

It can be difficult to navigate pitching something new to management, so we’ve constructed a guide to help you build a case to get TryHackMe into your workspace.

We see a lot of individuals using TryHackMe to achieve sought-after cyber security jobs and upskill to benefit current positions. Whilst we will always be here to offer these groups a secure, fun, and accessible way to learn cyber security, we understand the benefit of driving business buy-in.

Why cyber security training is essential

First, let’s discuss how cyber security training benefits you, as an employee.

If you’re working within cyber security, you’ll know the ever-changing characteristics of the field. With new threats, tools, and tactics emerging consistently, it’s essential to stay on top of evolutions to mitigate risk. Cyber security training can bridge this knowledge gap and help you to do your job better, spot emerging threats and protect your company from catastrophic repercussions. The knock-on effect correlates to recognition, advantageous job prospects, role development and a wider set of resources.

If you’re working elsewhere in the company, having cyber security knowledge can benefit daily responsibilities, running all work activity within regulations, mitigating risk and consequence. Having cyber security knowledge can help team members effectively utilise software and data, opening up a wealth of career opportunities and setting you apart from others.

We illustrate this with success stories, like Kassandra who transitioned from a teacher to a cyber security practitioner, and Paul, who changed careers from a construction worker to a cyber security engineer.

Download and send this to your manager

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How to convince your manager to invest in TryHackMe cyber security training

When it comes to achieving buy-in from your company, you need to consider the fact your boss cares most about the ultimate benefit - the bottom line.

They want to uncover what they will get out of the platform, and ensure that the benefits outweigh the cost. This is important to remember when putting your case forward. We’ve listed out steps to form your argument, focusing on the top-level benefits, the reasoning behind your request, clarification and costs.

Steps to building your case:

  • Explain the ultimate benefit
  • Discuss the logic behind this
  • Clarify TryHackMe benefits
  • Talk about the costs

Step 1 - Explain the ultimate benefit

The most important consideration to managers’ signing off new costs are the benefits - which must be impactful enough to justify the expense.

It’s best to frame your suggestion to meet the business goals and management needs. Pay attention to the bosses goals and current pain points within training. What are the current problems with staff training? Is your company investing in other platforms here? Why will TryHackMe pose a benefit?

Whilst pain points are variable across companies, common issues we hear from users are:

  • Time consuming training. Training that requires regular hands-on management is often not the most efficient way to upskill teams. TryHackMe training is available via your browser with easy to understand, engaging learning. Managers can oversee team progress and employee understanding in one dashboard.
  • Slow responses to new threats and mitigations. With the cyber security industry posing regular new threats, it can be difficult to reactively train team members on new, prominent issues in imminent need of attention. TryHackMe creates reactive threat mitigation content in a matter of days, so the workforce can swiftly learn the topic.
  • Management logistics - managing the education progress across teams can entail time consuming data management, logging the barriers to learning and investing time and resources explaining queries. The TryHackMe management feature allows managers to see all learners in one place, logging progress and swiftly seeing areas where employees need to invest more time/support - such as being tasked to participate in additional training rooms.
  • Training can be boring and difficult to understand. TryHackMe was developed to introduce gamified, fun tools to learn cyber security - with game-based learning and easy to follow guides. Our platform is suited for the complete beginner through to the seasoned hacker, going through multiple layers of quality assurance to meet excellent standards across content.
  • Training members across teams. A cost effective, worthy strategy businesses enact is to train different teams (for example IT and development) in cyber security - with the aim to transition employees to cyber roles and to ensure all relevant positions have a breadth of training. Our easy to follow, hands-on content allows all skill levels to learn the field without previous experience.

It’s helpful to consider the current training resources in the company in order to portray the benefits of using TryHackMe. Think about the pain points of the current scheme of learning and how TryHackMe overcomes these barriers.

Pay attention to business goals, which could be investing in cyber security to avoid costly data breaches, increasing employee retention and morale, and building a secure, team-based cyber training culture that’s easy for management to track.

The TryHackMe Blog is home to more resources to support your case:

Here's a statement you can edit for pitching:

By investing in cyber security training, we can achieve [outcome], overcoming [problem/pain point].

Examples of this are:

  • By investing in TryHackMe cyber security training, we can ensure the team sees continuous development on emerging tools and threats, overcoming the problem disjointed training plans that often leave teams to their own devices.
  • By investing in TryHackMe cyber security training, we can ensure all teams across the company - such as IT, Sales, Marketing, and Legal - are upskilled to a level that allows for efficiency and safety, mitigating risk. This overcomes the problem of all cyber threats and issues falling to the security team, allowing the company to be in better standing against threat.

Pay attention to the benefit your boss will gain. The level of protection, mitigation of risk, retention, and overall company standing will be the selling points here. This is important to remember when pitching your case.

Step 2 - Discuss the logic behind your reasoning

How did you get to your proposed outcome? It’s key to explain the logic behind your thinking, using examples management can relate to. Think about the platforms your company uses to train currently - what is the rough cost of this? Are employees trained in-house? How much time is invested here?

For example, many companies run in-person training sessions, which can be time consuming and assumes all employees learn at the same rate, which we know isn’t accurate. With larger teams, tracking employee progress and paying attention to areas of confusion can become disjointed. This angle would be a key selling point, as employees can learn at their own pace, whilst managers can easily track development. This would save the company time, in managers constructing training sessions and employees having to learn at the rate of others; equating to money spent on this time. Another upside is the fact no employee gets left behind, as they can train with further rooms and go over any areas needing improvement.

Management love to see data behind your reasoning. If you have access to tangible data such as the current cost of training, or losses experienced through breach of the company, this can help paint your argument.

Step 3 - Clarify the benefits of TryHackMe

After proposing your initial case, explain more about TryHackMe and our benefits.

  • Learning is fun. First and foremost, our training has been designed to engage the user and have them genuinely enjoy the learning process, with gamified interactive learning.
  • Diverse content - we offer offensive and defensive training material for all skill levels. We release new rooms and pathways regularly which enabled continuous development.
  • Our learning is transferable to the real world, incorporating hands-on interactive labs.
  • Teamwork. Gamified learning incorporates King of the Hill - our competitive hacking game where users are challenged with compromising and defending a machine, patching vulnerabilities to stop other players from gaining access.
  • Management tracking. Our business package includes access to the management dashboard, where team leaders can swiftly assess the team’s training and performance.
  • Adaptable. All of our training rooms are adaptable, so management can take existing labs on TryHackMe, make changes, add company branding and align them to team-specific goals.
  • Cost-competitive.

Step 4 - Talk about the costs

Contact our sales team for an overview of what a TryHackMe plan would look like for your company.

Premium subscriptions allow for unlimited access to TryHackMe, and enable management to create custom learning paths to directly relate learning materials to the company. You’ll have access to over 500 (and growing!) training rooms, covering all aspects of cyber security.

Final thoughts

It’s likely your boss will come back to you with some questions when proposing new ideas. Spend some time considering possible resistance and formulating some points. At the bottom line, you are proactively suggesting ways to overcome current paint points, highlighting the company advantages with your proposal.

Consider the best form to pitch, which is really down to you and your manager. Some bosses would prefer it proposed throughout a meeting, in-person chat, or via email etc. It depends on personal preference here, so think about what would best resonate.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Access the TryHackMe business enquiry page here, or email [email protected] to get the ball rolling.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.