Give your students their own browser based security environment. We have Kali Linux machines with all the necessary (industry used) security tools ready to be controlled directly in the browser.

With this, the only requirement is an internet connection to be able to get started learning on TryHackMe; this also removes the need for complicated set up's, giving your students everything they need - say goodbye to configuring OpenVPN connections.

The video below shows a deployed Kali Linux (version 2020.1) machine, being controlled on TryHackMe in the browser. With a minimal amount of latency, a user has full access to the machine.

If you are subscribed on TryHackMe, check it out for yourself! Alternatively, if you are a part of our teaching enterprise programme, simply give your students the room code kali or the following link:

Clone, repurpose and distribute

Remember, with TryHackMe you can clone rooms (rooms are virtual classrooms dedicated to particular cyber security topics), update the tasks and questions, then distribute to your audience.

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