How To Best Engage Your Students in Cyber Security Learning

External ​​cyber security teaching resources can prove invaluable in supporting students’ learning, which is where TryHackMe comes in!

How To Best Engage Your Students in Cyber Security Learning

Having extensive resources and software readily available for students to develop isn’t always feasible. Hacking together your own virtual machines and enabling students to learn in action can pose issues for many cyber security training providers. Fortunately, external ​​cyber security teaching resources can prove invaluable in supporting students’ learning.

With that being said, cyber security training for students must be engaging and accessible to enable students to unleash their full learning potential. This is where we come in, with hands-on, gamified learning that simplifies cyber security for students of all experience levels and improves cyber security teaching resources for educators.

TryHackMe offers partnership packages to enable accessible, realistic experiences that teach hands-on topics transferable to in-market job roles, through adaptable learning pathways.

Relevance to Courses

With over 500 browser-based virtual labs, there are plenty of relevant cyber security learning resources applicable to courses and training programmes, allowing students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Education bodies leverage TryHackMe training to teach cyber security to their students, including Epitech - a benchmark school for IT expertise and innovation. After seeing the flexible, adaptable, and affordable training that had ticked their requirements, Epitech launched TryHackMe for over 2,500 students featuring topics including enumeration, offensive security, and threat and vulnerability management.

Covering such a large pool of students, Epitech uses TryHackMe labs to provide additional training relevant to their courses.

Transferable to Job Roles

TryHackMe’s cyber security hands-on training labs are transferable to job roles, with a fantasticly broad choice of learning paths that provide real-world experience and training that otherwise isn’t accessible in a standard classroom environment.

“Teaching students Ethical Hacking requires considerable time to develop and set up laboratory experiments. TryHackMe has significantly reduced our development time, with a wide range of pre-existing teaching content that can be easily modified.”

Dr Nick Savage, Head of the School of Computing at Portsmouth University

Universities and colleges around the globe partner with TryHackMe to give students a higher chance of employment. As an acknowledged cyber security training platform, TryHackMe is also used by employers worldwide and is a brilliant asset to add to your students’ CVs.

Discovering a ‘Niche’

For students, finding their niche will allow them to hone their skills in an area they are most interested in. With a multitude of avenues to explore in cyber security, narrowing down to a chosen career path can be a daunting prospect.

Cyber security training programmes can offer a wide range of interactive labs, including DevSecOpsm and blue, red and purple team labs, which can provide an accurate understanding of the career opportunities in cyber security.

The more students can learn and explore these areas, the more insights they will gain into their chosen path. TryHackMe offers bite-sized training, so whilst you can assign students tasks to align with your syllabus, students are free to play with the entirety of TryHackMe training labs in their own time, upskilling and exploirng their favoured niche.

Hands-On, Gamified Learning

Learning needs to be fun to keep students engaged, which is why TryHackMe incorporates learning streaks, badges and certifications with gamified cyber security training. Students love the guided elements to stay on track with learning and developing hands-on cyber skills!

“TryHackMe is one of the best cyber security platforms you can find. Beyond the different challenges, there is an educational aspect that we cannot find on other platforms. The platform teaches us the different ways to complete the challenges by ourselves, and are both guided and progressive - allowing beginners and experts to have fun while developing.”

Epitech students using TryHackMe

For educators, you can assign fun pre-built security labs and challenges. Or alternatively, upload your own virtual machines and resources that can be privately distributed to your students.

Cyber security training must be accessible, engaging, and understandable to optimise students’ learning potential. TryHackMe can be the bridge between learning cyber security by the book and learning in a real-world environment with practical cyber security training, gaining transferable skills to benefit future careers.

We offer actionable learning that helps students fully understand concepts and showcase fundamental skills to achieve lucrative, sought-after jobs. We help training providers add this value and elevate learning potential with a gamified cyber training solution.