Cyber Security Training for IT Students

Looking for cyber security training to complement your degree? We can help, with our gamified training content tailored to all skill levels.

Cyber Security Training for IT Students

IT and cyber security complement each other; cyber security forms a subsection within IT, and both carry similar considerations important for success. If you’re an IT student, cyber security may be an excellent area to progress into.

As one of the most urgent issues in the digital age, there are many reasons to choose a career in cyber security, including great flexibility, unlimited progression opportunities, and some of the sharpest salary increases the industry has to offer.

Information security and cyber security overlap in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for cyber security training to complement your degree, we can help you get there with gamified training content tailored to all skill levels.

Excelling in IT

Having cyber security training can excel opportunities within IT, making you stand out from other candidates. With information security an umbrella that cyber security sits underneath, cyber security is an incredibly important focus of the field. A cyber security understanding can absolutely benefit IT roles.

Furthermore, cyber security training presents another career field to dive into with lots of juicy upsides to consider!

Gaining Essential Skills

IT cyber security training can develop your hands-on cyber skills, even if you’re a complete beginner.

With an ongoing cyber skills shortage sweeping the globe, with a staggering 51% of businesses identifying a basic skills gap, recruiters are continuously on the hunt for aspiring cyber security professionals of all skill levels.

Throughout the learning process, you’ll be able to focus on the skills most relevant to the niche area you choose. You’ll learn the essential skills needed to pursue your chosen area of cyber security, equipping you with the fundamental practical knowledge to hone your skills.

As a subset of information security, you’ll also find familiarities with your cyber security learning, with shared practices, interchangeable skills and overlaps in roles.

Boosting Career Prospects

Taking the time to dive into learning cyber security alongside your IT studies can make the world of difference when searching for career opportunities.

Candidates entering any IT-related role often experience an advantageous edge in undertaking IT cyber security training, with organisations understanding the importance of cyber security awareness to avoid breaches and vulnerabilities.

We offer actionable learning that helps students fully understand concepts and showcase fundamental skills, paving the way to pursuing careers, including cyber security graduate jobs and cyber security IT jobs.

Preparing for Careers

The cyber security job market remains at an all-time high, complemented by a great number of working benefits, including competitive pay, job security, growth opportunities, and flexible working - to name just a few! If you do choose to pursue IT,  there are numerous benefits to having cyber security training. From this, you can either use this to widen opportunities or strengthen your portfolio, CV, and skillset across the board.

After years spent in structured education, you’ll be preparing to transition into working life following your search for graduate cyber security jobs.

To make the transition smoother and help you stand out from others when applying for jobs, TryHackMe’s hands-on gamified, real-world labs are transferable to job roles, preparing you for work responsibilities in the industry. Gain sought-after skills in demand through a fantastically broad choice of learning paths.

Learning at Your Own Pace

​With over 500 browser-based virtual labs, taking your time to absorb learning at your own pace is crucial in fully understanding concepts. The accessibility and ease of learning cyber security online mean that you are able to learn in small steps alongside your studies.

Don’t worry if you’re new to studying cyber security - our training labs grow with you, with training content tailored to all skill levels! There will always be something new to learn, with plenty of opportunities to continuously upskill.

And, unlike other fields, you can self-study cyber security and even gain cyber security certification in the comfort of your own home.

Get Started in Cyber Security

Getting practical experience through IT cyber security courses has never been more accessible. Our courses are suited to all students - from the complete beginner through to the seasoned hacker - making learning engaging, entertaining, and affordable.

TryHackMe was created to teach cyber security through short, gamified, real-world labs alongside a range of learning resources. Our real-world training allows you to prepare for work responsibilities in the industry and is perfect for IT students looking to widen their skills or advance into careers in cyber security.