Collaborative Hacking for Your Team's Development

Take team building to the next level with King of the Hill. Teams can cooperate and upskill in a collaborative and engaging hacking game, combining offensive and defensive security skills.

Collaborative Hacking for Your Team's Development

Collaboration and competition within the workplace are great ways to harness the power of motivating your staff and encourage teamwork, enabling your team to make better contributions to their day-to-day work and realize what they can accomplish if they focus their efforts!

Take team building to the next level with King of the Hill - a fantastic training tool used by businesses across the globe, allowing teams to cooperate and upskill, in a collaborative and engaging hacking game that combines offensive and defensive security skills.

Team Collaboration

Why is collaboration important in the workplace? Collaborative learning is key to progression within the industry, with problem-solving a combined effort. Solving problems through collaboration is a great way to learn while promoting creativity, productivity, and a sense of community, with 75% of employers rating teamwork and collaboration as “very important”.

For wider teams, teams are often unaware of how to engage with cyber security, therefore, strengthening collaboration adds a sense of accountability. Where security teams work independently, collaboration in the workplace allows for inclusiveness by bringing teams together with a shared focus.

Collaboration keeps teams on track and enables individuals who may otherwise be struggling on their own. Most importantly, businesses can use collaboration to drive workforce participation and buy-in.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a competitive hacking game for intermediate and advanced users. Play against ten other hackers to compromise a machine and patch its vulnerabilities to prevent other players from gaining access.

Through gamification, King of the Hill covers defensive and offensive security topics transferable to job responsibilities. Best of all, you can choose to host your own private King of the Hill, allowing your team to compete against each other, collaborate, and learn together in your very own workspace.

Using both red and blue team tactics, workforces are able to better recognise how other teams work, with a shared understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

First, your team will hack their way to compromise a vulnerable machine using offensive tactics, collecting flags in the process to gain more points. They must then work together using blue-team tactics to retain their presence and defend their position against the competition. The longer they maintain access, the more points your team gets.

Your team can then keep track of performance through a competitive leaderboard - an awesome way to ignite competition, display results, and foster a thriving culture!

All tactics are taught through TryHackMe’s pathways and rooms to arm the workforce with the knowledge and skills to prevent threats and reduce negative implications. King of the Hill is perfect for putting your team’s skills to the test!

Collaborative Workspaces

A workspace is a way for the workforce to collaborate in a fun, competitive environment. Your team can upskill, complete challenges, and work towards the top of your collaborative online workspace leaderboard!

From a management perspective, workspaces provide insights into how your team are working towards their goals, with an overview of their activity on TryHackMe and hacking streaks. The leaderboard displays a rank of all team members in your workspace, ordered by the number of points each user has collected from completing rooms, labs, and pathways.

Leaderboards within TryHackMe workspaces drive competition throughout your team. ​​ Additionally, you can choose to incentivise by internally creating your own prizes to recognise and reward those at the top of the workspace leaderboard!


Alongside collaborative workspaces and King of the Hill, we have hundreds of training labs to upskill and arm your team with the knowledge of tools and practices to mitigate cyber attacks. Our business package promotes workplace collaboration and allows you to access all rooms and pathways to present the most relevant training to your team - assigning tasks to complete purely through the browser.

Learning through collaboration and using competition to test your workforce helps to amplify knowledge retention and engagement - forming a strong baseline for your cyber security standing.