Leverage Competitive Training With Advent of Cyber for Business

Advent of Cyber is almost here! Introduce and upskill many different teams within your company in cyber, through this fun 24-day event with prizes and incentives.

Leverage Competitive Training With Advent of Cyber for Business

Advent of Cyber is just around the corner, launching on Tuesday 1st December!

For 24 days leading up to Christmas, we’ll be releasing tasks and challenges relating to common security topics, broken down into bite-sized walkthroughs and challenges. Each task is self-contained and includes the basic information required for your team to start working on a security challenge, following a fun, festive Christmas story.

Advent of Cyber is a fantastic training tool for businesses, introducing and upskilling business teams in cyber, with beginner-friendly security exercises released each day.

Advent of Cyber for Business

Throughout the month of Advent of Cyber, your team can get involved in daily challenges, in a collaborative, engaging and festive environment. You can also get access to the TryHackMe management dashboard to monitor your team’s progress across the entire platform, in challenges you set.

Ongoing training and upskilling are critical in the workplace and are invaluable in arming teams with the knowledge and skills to prevent threats and reduce negative implications. Alongside sparking engagement, retention, innovation, and productivity, Advent of Cyber encourages collaboration and competition amongst your team members.

We’re covering a fantastic variety of areas in defensive and offensive security, including Red Teaming, Cyber Investigations, Web Exploitation, IoT Hacking, and Cyber Defence - all of which are completely free to take part in, with no costs involved.

Why Get Involved?

Businesses can use the Advent of Cyber drive to highlight the importance and mitigate the risk of human error, alongside consistently upskilling teams with regular training on new threats and mitigation methods.

Through habitual learning in the month-long drive of Advent of Cyber, your team can learn consistently in a pattern for high learning retention. Building habits help employees achieve their goals successfully, drive success, increase contribution, and better job satisfaction. Habits can take as little as 18-21 days to develop into automatic behaviour, highlighting the importance of habituation in learning, routine, and retention.

Best of all, TryHackMe’s festive real-world tasks are transferable to job responsibilities, allowing your team to upskill and progress.

Having a competitive, month-long drive to boost participation, in a fun and festive event to get teams talking about the important of cyber security and how to mitigate common risks - with incentives and prizes for the ultimate employee buy-in!

Incentivisation and Prizes

At TryHackMe, we fully understand the importance and buy-in benefit of incentivising your team for upskilling and development - which is why we have over $40,000 of juicy prizes up for grabs! Daily winners will be picked at random, and all Advent of Cyber participants will be entered into a prize raffle at the end of the competition.

This year’s prizes include:

  • 6x Offensive Security Learn One Subscriptions ($12000)
  • 1x TryHackMe will donate to your favourite charity ($2000)
  • 5x Raspberry Pi 400 ($580)
  • 10x Airpods 2nd Gen Pro ($2500)
  • 6x DJI Drone ($3000)
  • 5x GoPro ($1750)
  • 10x CompTIA Security+ Vouchers ($2700)
  • 4x Remarkable 2 ($1200)
  • 10x Flipper Zero ($2100)
  • 12x ASUS ZenBook 14 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Intel i5 ($8400)
  • 7x Hak5 WiFi Pineapple ($840)
  • 8x Hak5 Rubber Ducky ($400)
  • 15x TryHackMe Monthly Subscriptions ($150)
  • 5x $20 THM Swag Vouchers ($100)

All your team has to do is take part in the daily tasks to be entered into the ultimate prize draw! On top of this, daily prizes are also up for grabs. Every day your team completes a question, they will be entered into a separate prize draw for the chance to win one of two prizes every day; a one-month TryHackMe subscription voucher or a £15 swag voucher!

Prize winners will be announced every Monday of the event on Twitter, and winners will be contacted via email.

Users that complete all daily Advent of Cyber tasks will earn themselves a custom certificate of completion. Additionally, you can choose to further incentivise by internally creating your own prizes to recognise and reward your team!

A Deeper Dive with Webinars

Advent of Cyber features a top-level daily training schedule on cyber security topics you and your team should be aware of. As a deeper dive, the TryHackMe team of experts are hosting webinars throughout the month on advanced topics related to their respective daily theme.

Get Involved With Advent of Cyber!

With TryHackMe's management dashboard for business, teams in your company can tackle the daily challenges together, where you can monitor their progress and give them a premium learning experience.

Advent of Cyber is a perfect event for introducing and upskilling many different teams within your company in cyber, through this fun 24-day event!

Are you an existing TryHackMe Business user? Introduce the free Advent of Cyber event to other departments in your company. We're offering existing businesses access to TryHackMe throwback (to access even more content!) where teams are referred, up to five per company. New departments will get an extended free trial of the management dashboard. Contact your customer success manager to get moving!

New to TryHackMe? If you don't use TryHackMe for business already, launch Advent of Cyber and combine with a free trial of the management dashboard to leverage collaborative learning and level up your cyber security!

We teach cyber security in practice - where you can hack and defend virtual machines in a real-world environment to get realistic, transferable skills in entirely safe surroundings.

Give your team structured learning paths and practical self-paced training to upskill in real-world environments with guided, objective-based tasks and challenges. Use our pre-built courses, or make your own that aligns with your team's requirements.