Advent of Cyber 2022

Get started in cyber security for free with Advent of Cyber: 24 unique daily challenges and $40,000 worth of prizes!

Advent of Cyber 2022

Ho ho hackety ho!

It’s our favourite time of the year - Advent of Cyber - woohoo! This year’s event features 24 cyber security tasks leading up to Christmas. Our fourth consecutive Advent of Cyber is comprised of daily tasks with the purpose of helping you break into cyber. You can also win epic prizes with a value of over $40,000!

It’s an advent calendar but with security challenges instead of chocolate! (And a bucket load of prizes!)

What You Will Learn

Advent of Cyber aims to give a baseline understanding and introduction to cyber security, covering red, blue, and purple team topics. This year, topics include red teaming, digital investigations, web vulnerabilities, IoT Hacking, and Cyber Defence.

TryHackMe learning features gamified labs, where you will be guided through topics in a thorough, absorbable learning guide composed by our team of experts. You will use this theory to actively hack and defend vulnerable virtual machines to learn in action, transferable to job roles. Every daily task features a walkthrough video created by some of the key content creators in our field. Expect to see juicy content from people such as John Hammond, Cybersecurity Meg, Husky Hacks, SecurityNinja, Neal Bridges, InsiderPHD, and more!

All you have to do is participate in the daily tasks to be automatically entered in the prize draw. We will contact you by the email address you signed up to TryHackMe with.

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Win Over $40,000 Worth of Prizes!

Let’s talk about the GOODS. In this event, points don’t matter, but the number of questions you answer does! For each question you get correct, you get a raffle ticket. We will randomly choose the winners on the 28th of December using everyone’s raffle tickets. The more questions you answer, the more chances you have of winning. You can win:

  • Offensive Security Learn One subscription
  • $2000 donation to a charity of your choice
  • Raspberry Pi 400
  • Airpods 2nd Gen Pro
  • DJI Drone
  • GoPro
  • CompTIA Security+ Vouchers
  • Remarkable 2
  • Flipper Zero
  • ASUS ZenBook 14 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD Intel i5
  • Hak5 WiFi Pineapple
  • Hak5 Rubber Ducky
  • TryHackMe Monthly Subscriptions
  • $20 TryHackMe Swag Vouchers

All you have to do is take part in the daily tasks to be entered. We will contact you by the email address you signed up to TryHackMe with.

On top of this, you can win daily prizes. Every day you complete a question, you will be entered into a separate prize draw for the chance to win a mini-prize. You can win one of two prizes every day; a one-month TryHackMe subscription voucher or a £15 swag voucher. Prize winners will be announced every Monday of the event on Twitter, and winners will be contacted via email.


You will get a certificate for completing Advent of Cyber, a testament to your participation and hard work! Many companies across the cyber security field seek TryHackMe experience as desired when hiring new employees, so getting started with TryHackMe training can help you excel in achieving your goals.

Celebrate in Style

We’ve launched a limited edition Christmas T-shirt to celebrate this year’s advent of cyber, which you can get your hands on in our swag store. You can also win exclusive Christmas swag throughout December by following us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and Pinterest.

Advent of Cyber for Businesses

Advent of Cyber is for everyone. After seeing the value of challenge events across our clients, we’re adding an extra focus to business benefits this year. Get your team and wider company involved in Advent of Cyber to benefit from collaborative hacking, broader team engagement, and strengthen your cyber security standing.

Check out how to get involved in Advent of Cyber with your company here.

However you choose to get involved, step into Christmas with us, amp up your cyber security skills, and learn about the Nightmare before Elfmas…