TryHackMe in Review - 2022

2022 has undoubtedly been a tremendous year for achievements and is a testament to the community and the incredible opportunities our users obtain. Take a look at some of our highlights!

TryHackMe in Review - 2022

Looking back on 2022, we welcomed 752,000 new platform users (bringing the total TryHackMe user count to 1.6 million,) saw hundreds of organisations launch TryHackMe with thousands of employees to upskill and progress in cyber, and released 627 labs and five new pathways. To keep bringing you this epic content, we even expanded our internal team with 30 new staff members!

Let’s have a look back at some of our highlights from 2022…

TryHackMe in 2022

At the beginning of the year, we surpassed an astonishing one million users. Now, at the end of 2022, we are delighted to have reached a staggering 1.6 million users!

To give some insight into a handful of those users, this year, TryHackMe helped:

TryHackMe users have excelled in careers, turned their lives around on a new path, and hit some truly astonishing goals. We will always be here to support you in your journey, and we’re so excited to hear more about your successes. Here’s to you!

We worked with initiatives and charities supporting underrepresented groups with training and guidance to continue making training and cyber careers achievable to all. Here are just some of these initiatives:

A huge catalyst for what we do is to drive innovation behind learning. With a considerable proportion of breaches preventable with the correct training measures, ensuring businesses have a fundamental understanding of cyber security helps to amp up defences. That’s why, at the beginning of 2022, we launched cyber security awareness training featuring a series of interactive tasks designed to give a baseline understanding of cyber security and common attacks. In turn, we have enabled hundreds of businesses to revolutionise their training and onboarding, nurturing teams of developing, evolving, and thriving individuals.

In June 2022, we were crowned the UK's Most Innovative Cyber SME by DCMS and Infosecurity Europe! TryHackMe was cited as the most innovative for reasons including accessibility - allowing cyber security professions to be achievable without boundaries and contributing vital skills to the market.

We are incredibly delighted, humbled, and proud of our team and community!

Here’s to 2023!

We can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2023. We’ll be pushing content out across all niches of cyber security, with a significant focus on actively reacting to the ever-increasing threats and advances in the field. We can’t wait to continue making a world-class interactive platform that makes a difference for all TryHackMe users across the globe!

Once again, we’d like to thank all TryHackMe users for being a part of this journey, and we’d like to extend this gratitude to our incredible team working behind the scenes to bring you epic content.

2022 has undoubtedly been a tremendous year for achievements and is a testament to the community and the incredible opportunities our users obtain. Whether you’ve used TryHackMe as a hobby, to upskill, develop a career in cyber security, or even prepare for the latest threats, we are honoured to have you.

Here’s to 2023 - it’s going to be a great one!