TryHackMe in Review - 2021

Looking back on 2021, we have welcomed 834,000 platform users, over 230,000 social media friends, and developed some awesome content - helping people achieve their dream jobs and change careers! Join us in reminiscing over the past year.

TryHackMe in Review - 2021

What a year! 2021 has blessed (and cursed) us with many a milestone - NASA successfully creating oxygen on Mars, the great resignation, drones allowing a handle on plastic pollution, and an actual 3D printed school. We’ve been looking over the past year here at TryHackMe, and agreed a celebration post was absolutely in order.

We have the pleasure of training and upskilling a huge team of 834,000 incredible people in cyber security, based around the world. We love hearing stories about how our users utilise TryHackMe to reach their goals. This year, we have enabled professionals to switch careers, students to achieve jobs straight out of university, and users to learn something they’re interested in, in a fun, safe way.

Let’s delve into the TryHackMe community’s achievements of the past year.

TryHackMe in 2021

2021 saw a boom in users - with a fleet of over 800,000 people now learning with us. As we endeavour to allow cyber security training to be as accessible as possible - simply requiring internet access to kickstart learning, the metrics across locations are ever-evolving. Our largest markets of the year were the USA, UK, and India, with further significant reach across Europe, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

Let’s personify some of our users. This year, TryHackMe helped:

The internal team here at TryHackMe grew by 25 passionate humans, working on delivering reactive, engaging cyber security content and epic customer service. Throughout this time, we expanded our total number of training labs to surpass 500 and have developed new pathways to cater to even more people.

Our online communities have been rocketing - with over a 100% increase in Twitter, Discord, and LinkedIn followers. The conversations between members across each community are amazing to see - as often like-minded individuals share tips and career insights, learning and discussing with those with shared interests.

We’ve experienced rapid growth across all areas of TryHackMe which wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing team and community, counting more than 834k hackers around the world. Our mission is to make cyber security more accessible, and we’re really excited to go into 2022 scaling our content and product. Not only to provide a better learning experience to users, but to give them more variety with the technical content they can learn. - Ben Spring, Co-founder

Cyber Security in 2021

Cyber attacks increased by 18% compared with 2020. According to Security Navigator, small businesses reported 17% of cyber attacks, citing malware as the highest recurrence. Medium-sized companies experienced 30% of attacks, primarily facing network and application anomalies. Large businesses faced the highest proportion of attacks, with malware again the most common threat.

The cyber security job market has increasingly fed into the skills gap - where the demand for skilled professionals attributes to lucrative career opportunities and a zero percent unemployment rate for experienced workers. Cybersecurity Ventures CEO has stated, “Anyone with cybersecurity experience can find immediate employment. There may be a small percentage of the cyber workforce who are in between jobs and some who have resigned to pursue new opportunities, but there’s a job available for everyone with cybersecurity experience.

There is no better time to learn cyber security!

Here’s to 2022!

We can’t wait to discover what’s to come in 2022. We’re working on a huge push in content across all niches of cyber security, and a drive for more reactive content - actively reacting to threats and advances in the field. We are consistently working to advance our range and quality of content and welcome any feedback from our community.

Developing the team here at TryHackMe is another focus for the coming year, alongside working with varying sectors. Our users widely consist of businesses upskilling teams and individuals looking to better their knowledge, but the demand for cyber security is also introducing a range of educational bodies. Watch this space!

As always, we continue to pride ourselves on being a fun, accessible way to learn cyber security.

We want to take a moment to thank each and every person who uses our platform. We are honoured to have you.